12 February 2009

Make-Me-Feel-Pretty-(Quick) Scarf


Size 10 needles
Bernat Baby Coordinates, a little more than half a ‘ball’


When knitting across the 2yo's, make sure that 2 stitches are created. This means a 'Kfb' kinda deal.
& I CO 20 sts in the picture


CO Any multiple of 4 LOOSELY
Row 1,2: K
Row 3: *K2tog, 2yo, K2tog* Rpt between * *
Row 4, 5 : K
Row 6: K2tog, 2yo, K2tog, K to last 5 sts, K2tog, 2yo, K2tog
Rpt Rows 4, 5, 6 to about 2-4 inches short of desired length. End on a completed Row 5.
Rpt Row 3.
Rpt Row 1
BO loosely


If using the yarn specified, use my little cheating blocking technique. Dampen the scarf COMPETELY and throw it in the dryer until completely dry.


Weave ribbon through the holes and tie/hot glue at the ends into pretty bows.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for a lacy-look scarf that's in all knit.
I hate purling, but I love lacey looking scarves.

Anonymous said...

This is such a pretty scarf! I posted your pattern to Ravelry, but couldn't add a picture because it's your pattern. Do you want to add a picture?

Anonymous said...

The pictures on the patterns at ravelry are not usually from the pattern. They are chosen from the projects that are made using the pattern.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and I just started it...but I got lost at row 6 (I'm fairly new to knitting, so bear with me). It says knit to the last FIVE stitches...but then all you have to do is gather two stitches for a K2tog and then another TWO stitches for another Kn2together.

Where's the fifth stitch go?


Anonymous said...

I am a new weaver also and had the same problem at the end of row 6. There was the one stitch left that I didn't know what to do with. Finally, just did another knit stitch and continued on. Will be waiting to see what the answer is but in the meantime am knitting on ---

Anonymous said...

Please answer about the problem that starts with row 6. I am ready to make this one. It looks great!

runneth-over said...

Well, since we haven't gotten the answer to the Row 6 problem, what did y'all do and did it work? It's a great scarf! I'd like to make it for my niece but don't have time to experiment with a pattern that may go awry!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone successfully knitted this scarf following the pattern? I'm trying to but I keep ending up with less stitches. I cast on 20 stitches and as I work onto row 5-6, I'm ending up with 18-17 stitches. What am I doing wrong?

E Roach said...

Hello! I don't know if this will e-mail out my comment, but I have not had much trouble with the pattern. I think the key is really making sure that you make TWO stitches with the two yarn-overs. This youtube video demonstrates the "knit front and back" technique, which is very similar to what you will have to do.


Knit the first stitch on the row. Then knit the first yarn over LIKE NORMAL. This is where I felt like I had lost all my brain cells, because I just couldn't make that second YO into a stitch! So insert your right needle into the back of that stitch and knit it just the way it's shown in this video.

Again, the only difference between the way the video shows it and the way we have to knit it is that we completely transfer that first stitch. Hope this helps!

nova said...

Just happened upon this pattern and although I haven't started it, I'm guessing perhaps that row 6 issue would be solved if you just knit to last FOUR stitches (instead of five) then "k2tog, 2 yo, k2tog"??? I may discover I'm completely wrong when I start knitting it, but hopefully not...

Anonymous said...

I think I have figured it out...On row 6, K to last 4 sts, not 5 sts. It worked for me this way.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but can you upload a video of knitting this>?? its a very nice scarf!!

Anonymous said...

It's a double yarn over. Not too single ones. That's what messed me up.

Jody J. said...
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Jody J. said...

Really want to knit this. But when the pattern stats it's kinda of a kf&b kinda of thing it makes no sense

Jody J. said...
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