16 May 2009

The 1st Sweater Vest

Alright, so I have been pretty hesitant about making anything 'big' for awhile. If I start a sweater, I don't want to do it in pieces, so I start in a round and then get bored with it. This time I forfeited my comfortable circular needles and worked the sweater vest in two pieces (my attention span would not last for sleeves). Now that I finished this one, I can work on one for my debate partner (Brando) and have a men's pattern up here as well!

Size 10 US Needles
1 skein Super Saver Red Heart Yarn (4 weight)

I do not remember my gauge. But this fits me with a 32 rib cage below the bust


CO 58
[k2p2] Rpt between brackets for 8 rows
Stockette sts 80 rounds (or until desired length from armhole)
K2, 2 dec, K to end
P2, 2 dec, P to end
[K2, 1 dec, K to end, turn, P2, 1 dec, P to end] Rpt between brackets until 44 sts remain
Stockette st for 1-2 inches
K2, 1 inc, K to end
P2, 1 inc, P to end
Stockette st for 3 in (it's better for it to be longer when you sew it than to have it too short)
BO loosely

CO 58
[k2p2] Rpt between brackets for 8 rows
Stockette sts 80 rounds (or until desired length from armhole)
K 25, K2tog, K2, turn work
P2, P2tog, P to end
K2, 2 dec, K 19, 1 dec, K2
P2, 1 dec, P to last 4 sts, 1 dec, P2
Continue by decreasing one at the begining of the row and one at the end of the row until 10 sts remain.
Stockette st for ~5 inches (Once again, think long)
BO loosely
Repeat arm hole for the other side

With the Red Heart yarn, take a iron, fill with water, and put on the lowest steam setting (even if it is not meant for acrilic fabric). Work out the rolling fabric and the arm holes especially.
Then just sew it together and viola! You have a sweater vest!

31 March 2009


Just a quick FYI:
If you haven't noticed by now, I don't regularly post a gauge?
"Why?" you may ask.
"Well," I shall reply, "I think that to go through endless conversions, only to have a weird fraction in the end that is incomprehensible is pointless. In stead, I think that everyone's project should be personalized to the type of yarn they prefer, needle size, and body size!"

So, without further ado... The pattern!

Double pointed needles (Size needed to obtain gauge)
3-ply baby yarn (Pound of Love)

Numbers to know!
(Circumference of your head) - 2 inches = A
YOUR gauge. Not the gauge on the yarn packaging. YOUR knitting gauge. = B
3. A x B = C
4. C is the number of sts to cast on. If this number is divisible by 10, great! My coil pattern goes by 10's. But, if all else fails, make sure that C is divisible by 4.

1. CO C

2. P until piece measures 6 inches

  • Fold your work in half (the row that you CO should be inside).
  • Take the 1st CO loop and pull it before the 1st st on your needles.
  • K2tog.
  • Repeat this step (with every stitch correlating to the CO row aka in the same column) until all sts have been worked
NOTE: This is in sets of 10's. So my coils are 6 sts and 4 sts. You can change the width of the coils to correspond to your particular number of sts.
For example, if you cast on 84 sts then your coils could be 2 sts and 2 sts or 10 sts by 2 sts.
For sets of 10: *K4, P6* Rpt for 4 rounds
  • *K4, put 3 sts on holder behind work, P3, put 3 sts on left needle, P3*
  • *K4, P6* Rpt for 4 rounds
  • *Put 2 sts on a holder behind work, K2, put 2 sts on left needle, K2, P6*
  • *K4, P6* Rpt for 4 rounds
  • Rpt the bullited steps
5. Continue pattern until piece measures 6 inches

6. If you can, continue the coil pattern as you decrease. If you cannot, then just go back to the K and P columns.

7. PMs at 7,8, 9, or 10 equally placed segments

  • *K/P to 2 before marker, k2tog, sl marker*
  • K/P round
  • Continue bulltied steps until less than 10 sts remain
9. Cut yarn, thread through remaining loops, pull tight and tie together.

12 February 2009

Make-Me-Feel-Pretty-(Quick) Scarf


Size 10 needles
Bernat Baby Coordinates, a little more than half a ‘ball’


When knitting across the 2yo's, make sure that 2 stitches are created. This means a 'Kfb' kinda deal.
& I CO 20 sts in the picture


CO Any multiple of 4 LOOSELY
Row 1,2: K
Row 3: *K2tog, 2yo, K2tog* Rpt between * *
Row 4, 5 : K
Row 6: K2tog, 2yo, K2tog, K to last 5 sts, K2tog, 2yo, K2tog
Rpt Rows 4, 5, 6 to about 2-4 inches short of desired length. End on a completed Row 5.
Rpt Row 3.
Rpt Row 1
BO loosely


If using the yarn specified, use my little cheating blocking technique. Dampen the scarf COMPETELY and throw it in the dryer until completely dry.


Weave ribbon through the holes and tie/hot glue at the ends into pretty bows.

02 January 2009

1-Hour Preemie Bootie

Needles: 3 US dp
Yarn: 3 ply baby yarn
CO 22 sts
P 3 rnds
K 2 rnds
P 2 rnds
K 2 rnds
K15, turn
*P 8, turn
K8, turn*
Rpt between ** 5 times
PU 6 sts along side, K7
K7, PU 6 sts along side, K to the end
P 3 rnds
K2 rnds
P3 rnds
K2, ssk, K8, k2tog, K6, ssk, K8, k2tog, K2
K to end
K2, ssk, K6, k2tog, K6, ssk, K6, k2tog, K2
K to end
K2, ssk, K4, k2tog, K6, ssk, K4, k2tog, K2
Graft remaining sts together